WordPress theme screenshot: size, format, and file name
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WordPress theme screenshot: size, format, and file name

WordPress themes play a crucial role in the overall appearance and functionality of a website. When showcasing the theme, screenshots are the most eye-catching for potential users. Screenshots of WordPress themes (later referred to as screenshots for ease of understanding) are displayed on the appearance pages of the theme directory and WordPress panel.

This article will explore the important aspects of screenshots in WordPress theme development, including their size, format, and file names.

Overview of WordPress Theme Screenshot Size

Here is a quick overview of all the information you need to know about WordPress theme screenshots.

  • Size: 1200 x 900
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • File format: PNG
  • File name: screenshot. png

Suggested WordPress Theme Screenshot Size

The recommended size for WordPress themed screenshots is 1200 pixels wide and 900 pixels high. This size ensures that the screenshot is large enough to display the details of the theme while optimizing the display in the WordPress theme directory and WordPress management dashboard. You can read more details about WordPress theme screenshots in WordPress Codex.

When creating screenshots for a theme, it is recommended to place the main graphics at the center of the image. Some WordPress user interfaces may cover the edges of the display screen, as shown in the following figure.

WordPress Theme Screenshot File Format

An important consideration for screenshots is the format of saving WordPress theme screenshots. The recommended format for theme screenshots is PNG。 Although. jpg and. gif formats can also be used for theme screenshots, they are not officially recommended by WordPress. When taking screenshots, you can choose to use professionally designed screenshots or use built-in computer features to quickly create images and upload them as screenshots.

WordPress Theme Screenshot File Name

The file name for the WordPress theme screenshot is very simple, which is “screenshot. png”. Of course, if you are using The JPG file should be screenshot.jpg, but it is recommended to use PNG format.

How to add screenshots to WordPress themes

Below is an introduction to how to change the theme screenshot displayed on the “Manage Themes” screen in WordPress Manager. First, create a screenshot file as mentioned earlier. Then, use FTP programs such as Cyberduck to log in with FTP login information (available from the WordPress host). After logging in, enter the active theme directory and upload the screenshot. png file. This file is usually located in wp content/themes/YOUR-ACTIVE TIME/screenshot. png. If you already have a screenshot file, you may need to replace it with a new one.

This is particularly useful when creating sub themes in WordPress.

Why is WordPress theme screenshot important?

Just like the cover of a book, WordPress theme screenshots allow users to take a closer look. This is usually the first image that users see when viewing or selecting a theme. Users can see screenshots of all installed themes on the theme settings page in WordPress Administration>Appearance>Themes section. Understanding how to create a WordPress theme Screenshot is very useful for developers to create WordPress themes or create subthemes for websites.


In summary, WordPress theme screenshots are crucial for attracting users and allowing them to preview the appearance and feel of the theme. As long as you follow the recommended size, format, and file name guidelines, you can optimize the visual appeal and visibility of the theme.

Please remember that a carefully crafted screenshot can attract users to choose your theme, rather than other themes in the WordPress theme directory. Therefore, please take some time to create captivating screenshots that accurately depict your WordPress theme.