What is Kebab Case and how it works
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What is Kebab Case and how it works

Have you ever encountered the term “kebab case” and would like to know what it means? In the world of programming and website development, “kebab case” is a popular naming convention that can greatly improve the readability and organization of code. WordPress even has functions related to kebab cases, such as _wp_to_kebab_case().

In this article, we will delve into the specific details, usage, and benefits of kebab capitalization.

What is Kebab?

Kebab case is a naming convention that forms multi word identifiers by removing spaces between words and replacing them with hyphens (“-“). For example, “User name” is written as “user name” in Kebab capitalization. This naming convention is commonly used in programming languages, CSS, and creating URLs. The fixed link structure of WordPress also uses kebab capitalization to represent URLs.

Example of using kebab case:

  • My String -> “my-string”
  • Reasons to build a blog -> “reasons-to-build-a-blog”
  • SCRIPTLOADER -> “scriptloader”

How to use Kebab Case?

When using kebab cases, each word is lowercase, and hyphens play a significant role in separating words. If you need to quickly convert strings, you can use online tools to lowercase the text and add hyphens. This convention helps improve the readability of variable names, class names, and IDs in the code. For example, in HTML and CSS, to ensure consistency and clarity, kebab capitalization is commonly used to name classes and IDs.

The benefits of Kebab Case

One of the main benefits of using Kebab cases is their readability. It makes it easier for developers to quickly understand the purpose of variables or identifiers. In addition, kebab capitalization is also beneficial for creating URLs that are more user-friendly and easier for search engines to access.


In summary, kebab case is a simple and effective naming convention that plays an important role in maintaining code conciseness and comprehensibility. By incorporating kebab cases into coding practices, you can improve the readability and organization of your project, while also improving the user experience. Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting your coding journey, understanding and implementing kebab cases can undoubtedly improve the quality of your work.